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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Fuck That Lyrics [Intro] Everybody demons 'til it's time to go to hell These niggas cliquing up I herad the whole city lookin' for me, the whole city want my ass Boy I swear to God, I got iron though These niggas dick riding Don't get pregnant, all that dickriding boy Boy that Glock on me 6 [Chorus] Just left out South with a hundred missed calls Everybody mad like why y'all beat Lil Pop at the mall? I'm like fuck that, he know what it is These niggas mad we up like five bodies in the field Put on my ski, call up P, I'm tryna shoot some threes And ask White, I was his nigga, why I took his beef And on the other end I heard the whole city wanna murder me I'll drop my address, I'm on West 45th Street [Outro] I ain't gon' even keep going, I could've keep going and put some ball up, but I'm like fuck it Like bro, fuck that, fuck everything All that cliquing up, I'm with the same niggas I been with Everybody demons 'til it's time to go to hell, for real I'm with the same niggas I ain't clique up yet bruh Everybody demons 'til it's time to go to hell, you feel me?

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